Connect Bar and Restaurant

The best place in north london for authentic food from east africa Kenya


The Connect Bar and Restaurant.

The best place to relax on a weekend, especially after a hard weeks work is at the Connect bar and restaurant here in North London Turnpike Lane. The atmosphere sizzles with east african spirit while the smell of sizzling East African cooking drives your senses crazy until you have to eat. So come and check out the vibes this weekend at Connect Bar and Restaurant. I promise once visited you will want to come back again and Again.

Samaki Choma

Grilled Talopia Fish. Kenyan Style

Top Kenyan chef

Food Freshly made and grilled
on the premises

Casually sophisticated setting for Eating


Connect Bar and Restaurant

71 Turnpike Lane N8 0EE

London United Kingdom

Tel: 020881275260



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Offering specialized foods of popular African tastes

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